The hydrangea garland

Large blossoms, phenomenally beautiful colours: hydrangeas are more popular than ever. They're at their loveliest in late summer. What's more, they look fantastic even when dried.
Garland base of polystyrene; hydrangeas; wire; clasps; hot glue.
  1. The hydrangea blossom consists of a large number of umbels that merge at the stem. Divide up the hydrangea in such a way that the stalks remain on the umbels.
  2. Next, fix the umbels closely to the garland base with clasps so that the base is concealed and the wreath looks really plump. Choose longer-stemmed umbels for the outside and the shortest ones for the inside, keeping the most attractive-looking umbels for the middle.
  3. Purists will use the garland in this form, while others will adorn it with a pretty silk or satin ribbon.
If the base still shines through here or there when finished, close any gaps with individual umbels or blossoms by simply sticking them on with hot glue. The same applies if the shape of the wreath isn't quite balanced and has to be evened out a little. You can spray the dried hydrangea wreath during Advent with white, gold or silver: all over or just with a touch of colour. That looks incredibly effective and elegant.

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