Lanterns with special style

Lanterns with special style

You can never have enough atmospheric little vases and lanterns. hat's why we're going to tell you how to trim the ones you already have to suit the current season, quickly and effectively.
Drinking glasses or tealight glasses; lavender; winding wire; floral foam (optional); seasonal flowers (optional).
  1. Cut the stems of the flower clusters a little longer than the height of the glasses.
  2. Take 2-3 stems, attach them to the glass with winding wire and continue until the whole glass is covered.
  3. Next, cut the protruding stems off evenly at the bottom of the glass so that the glass is stable.
  4. Insert a tealight into the glass – all done.
Instead of a lantern, you can also make a vase out of this little eyecatcher. Just put some water and flowers in it and – abracadabra – you have the prettiest vase you could wish for or a super table decoration.

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