Symbolism - with peonies, you only wish for good things

Flowers have meanings. You can say a lot of things with them. Find out how positive the peony is.
The romantic peony surrounds a wonderful symbolism. Because of its large, colorful flowers, the Chinese, for example, revere it as a good luck charm and as the embodiment of prosperity. The latter is probably linked to the fact that for many centuries only nobles were allowed to decorate their gardens with peonies. In Japan too, the peony is a symbol of wealth, but also of feminine beauty and of long life.
In Buddhism, it is synonymous with gentleness, because wherever the young Buddha set foot, peonies blossomed. And finally, peonies are synonymous with shyness. This explains a nymph legend. It says that nymphs are shy and prefer to hide from people under the peony flowers. In French, there is even a saying for this: «Être rouge comme une pivoine» (to be red like a peony).

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