Fall Rituals

Whether harvest festivals, Celtic Mabon, incenses, or very personal rituals: they are made to enjoy the magical fall to the fullest.
Thanksgiving rituals
Thanksgiving rituals have been celebrated since time immemorial, especially harvest festivals. After all, we were dependent on local agriculture for a long time. Since the harvests do not take place at the same time due to the different climatic zones, harvest festivals are not celebrated on the same day everywhere. In Europe in September or October, and in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving).
Mabon - ritual with family and friends
The Celtic harvest festival, Mabon, is unique and increasingly popular. It takes place on the day of the autumn equinox (between September 20 and 23) and is celebrated with family and friends. The focus is a communal meal at sunset. But usually people go out into nature beforehand. On the way, colorful leaves, mushrooms, berries, nuts, seeds, and the last flowers are collected. With these you can create a colorful autumn altar in a beautiful place or decorate the dining table at home. Meaning? To say goodbye to summer and to prepare oneself internally for winter - but also to become aware of one's energies and to look after harmony.
Clearing the air with incense
Many people take advantage of the magical autumn to purify the air with incense. This way you say goodbye to old energies, bring new ones into your life and create a pleasant atmosphere with beneficial scents. It is best to use your favorite blend or to choose something new. Lavender, spruce needles, calendula flowers, sage, thyme, or rosemary are particularly suitable. How to proceed? It is very simple. Grind some herbs in a mortar, put them in the bowl of the incense stove and light the candle. Natural spruce resin, which you may find on one of your walks, is also suitable. Incense sticks or scented candles are very practical.
Autumn customs for epicureans
But of course, you can also enjoy this wonderful season in a very simple way: with a walk through the forest. Stroll through the colorful leaves, enjoy the silence and let your soul dangle. You can also collect leaves, chestnuts, and acorns to decorate your home.

Or you make yourself comfortable with your sweetheart on the couch and contemplate the fire. Maybe you feel like a good book and a big cup of tea with cookies. Or a cozy bath in candlelight.

In short: enjoy the moment!

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