About Indian Summer and Fashion

Indian Summer or fashion, this is a time to be colorful!
Indian Summer or fashion, this is a time to be colourful! Especially for the unconventional Bohemian, whose style matches this season particularly well. Trendsetting pieces are daring and colourful with lots of passionate red, uplifting orange and mystical violet.
Pearls, feathers and long leather strings also look great, not forgetting flowers for the hair, of course. Very reminiscent of the Flower Power era of the late sixties or Frida Kahlo's iconic flower crowns! Whatever, it's definitely a very charming look. It also expresses the courage to break out of traditional patterns and enjoy the moment, carefree and fun-loving.

Life is beautiful after all – and especially so during an Indian summer!

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39,00 - € 79,00
Happy Day!
48,00 - € 118,00
Christmas Wonder
38,00 - € 58,00
Cinnamon glamour
39,00 - € 59,00
Autumn Beauty
45,00 - € 105,00
Winter Sun
55,00 - € 105,00
Magic of Advent
49,00 - € 82,00
Magic of Roses
54,00 - € 104,00
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