«Normal» and special Christmas trees

Christmas tree? There are not only the conventional firs. Here you will find ideas for others and at the same time learn the symbolism associated with the trees.
Potted pine tree - an unconventional eye-catcher
The pine is a Christmas tree for individualists. Its idiosyncratic growth and long, soft needles are extremely beautiful to look at. However, the filigree branches are not suitable for lush Christmas decorations. Rather, subtle lights and light baubles belong here. But then the green tree with the loose growth is a real eye-catcher. Pines are only available in pots. Their symbolism: longevity, endurance, independence, and freedom.
Firs and spruces - popular and diverse
Switzerland's favorite Christmas trees are firs and spruces, especially the Nordmann fir. Although it is the most expensive, it loses hardly any needles and lasts the longest. The blue spruce is also often chosen, although its growth is rather irregular, and the branches are relatively far apart. Noble fir grows more regularly. It is characterized by long durability and has wonderfully fragrant, soft needles. The longest past as a Christmas tree have the European spruce and the white spruce. But these lose their needles relatively quickly. All these trees are available cut or in pots. Their symbolism: the fir stands for honesty, protection, and steadfastness. The spruces symbolize clarity and holds vital energies. 
Potted boxwood - a Christmas tree with tradition
Boxwood is known mainly as a potted plant on the terrace. More and more often, it is also used as a Christmas tree. However, this is not a new trend, but a tradition that dates to the 15th century. At that time, in what is now Poland, the branches of boxwood pyramids were decorated with apples for the feast of St. Nicholas. There are good reasons why people are increasingly turning to boxwood at Christmas: it is easy to care for, does not lose its leaves, has a beautiful greenery, and can be easily kept in a heated apartment for 1-2 weeks. Its symbolism: it represents hope and long life.
Potted yew - the somewhat different Christmas tree
As they increasingly take the place of boxwood on the terrace, yew is also increasingly used as a Christmas tree. The normal yew has dark green, shiny needles, those of the yew «Taxus baccata Aurea» are golden-yellow edged. Decorated for Christmas, both look beautiful. In addition, they are easy to care for, do not lose their needles and easily survive three weeks in the heated apartment. But be careful: yews are poisonous. Therefore, they are not recommended for households with small children or animals. Their symbolism: they stand for new beginnings.
Potted indoor cypress - Christmas tree with Mediterranean flair
Those who have little space, but still want a Christmas tree, may choose an indoor cypress. It reminds a little of the Toscana, grows pyramidal and is very robust. The advantage is that you can keep it all year round in the living rooms (in summer also outside on the balcony), and then just decorate it before Christmas with light tree decorations such as LED fairy lights, small baubles, or ribbons. Cypress is a symbol of longevity.

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