Looking for Christmas? Inspirations LIVE in your region!

Want to get into the Christmas spirit? Visit the Advent exhibitions of our partner stores and let yourself be inspired.
To all who LOVE Advent and Christmas
If you've been looking forward to the coming season and are already racking your brains for how to decorate your home this year, you have two options: either you read our trend statements, or you let yourself be inspired. The best place to do the latter is in one of our many flower stores. There, they not only know this year's trends, but have long since found their own way to properly celebrate the most beautiful of all seasons. It all starts in mid-November.
More stores - more inspirations
Most of the time, you automatically go to your favorite florist. But perhaps this year you will make an exception and visit one or two more stores. Each florist has its own distinctive style. Plus, most opt for a special theme and color palette of their own. This could be exciting for you.
What do you like? Or do you love variety?
Most of the time you have your own style. But what if, for once, you opt for a natural decoration? Or for delicate colors that are relaxed yet sensual and bring a welcome lightness to your home? Or maybe you find something very special that has bright colors, reminds you of pop art and you just can't resist?

Go ahead and start your search. You will quickly notice what you like best. Enjoy!

The detailed list of creative Advent and Christmas events can be found HERE.

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